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Author(s): Garima Singh, Neha Tiwari


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Address: Garima Singh*, Neha Tiwari
Computer Science and Engineering, W.C.O.E.M., Nagpur
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 5,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2015

In Text Mining, Side Information is present with the Text Documents, much of the data in those files consists of unstructured Text. Side information is used in various Text Mining applications such as user-access behavior from web logs, document origin information, other non-textual attributes which are embedded into the text or the links in the document. These could play a significant role for clustering process. However, some of the information may contain noisy data which may lead in increase in the level of difficulty for estimation of importance of side information. In such condition it is risky to use the side information in mining process because it may result in the improvement of mining process or may add noise to the process. Therefore to maximize the benefit of using side information in mining text data, we need a principled way to perform the mining process.

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Garima Singh, Neha Tiwari. Mining of Text Data with the Application of Side Information-A Review. Int. J. Tech. 5(1): Jan.-June 2015; Page 21-24

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Author(s): Garima Singh, Neha Tiwari

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